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Wireless DRONE Charger

Distributed And Affordable Smart Charging Points

An intelligent network of drone wireless charging solution.

In everyday drone usage, from automatic to Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, a high number of charging points will be needed due to limited battery time. Affordability and universality are some of the key aspects we solved  to offer an intelligent charging network solution.

drone wireless charging Systems from Divisek


A new scalable power

patented technology

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Fast Opto-Inductive Control

A novel opto-inductive wireless control mechanism allows a fast control feedback for transient load changes. Response times are 3 orders of magnitude better than any other frequency modulation or bluetooth control scheme.

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Matrix Power Structure

Optical information not only allows precision power control, fast feedback and data communications, it also permits to activate precisely aligned coil tiles. Through a matrix of inductive elements in transmitter and receiver parts opto-magnetically coupled, multi-device and extended wireless recharging surfaces are now possible.

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Data Communications

Optical data communications are included in the same interface used for power control. The active surface becomes a data hub, allowing inter-device communications or data transfer to other networks or internet. Data communications also allows automated distributed energy transactions using Blockchain technology.


d4e- Partners drone charging station for systems Iot
Universidad Juan Carlos III Partners drone charging station for systems Iot
Telefónica - Partners drone charging station for systems Iot
Lleida Drone Partners drone charging station for systems Iot


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Key differentiators

Main advantages of our Wireless Charging Solution

drone charging station for systems Iot


Suitable for outdoor use without shells or cover protection.

Waterproof, dustproof, and other corrosive elements. Completely safe for operation in all environments and uses.


Ultra-fast charging regimes.


With the above mentioned characteristics, we can get very high current charge rates, 20 Amps or even more, achieving ultra fast battery recharging cycles.  


No direct bad conductive contacts. Electric conductive systems require good contact, are sensible to oxidation and degradation and the small contact surfaces limit the current transfer. 


No polarity problems, scalable solution. Increasing charge current is a matter of increasing the number of opto-induction transceivers, they can be added in one, two, four, or even more UAV legs, without  polarity position problems.


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